Friday, 1 April 2016

1 April

It's Friday! New draw at 10am today! Is it your lucky day? Certainly was a lucky day in 1954 for Charles Dickens as his novel Hard Times began serialisation in Household Words and, in 1891, the Wrigley Company was founded in Chicago. In 1960, Dr. Martens released its first boots, the model 1460 on this day and, in 1976, Apple Inc. was formed by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne

Famous people born on 1st April include Susan Boyle, Scottish singer, born 1961, Phillip Schofield, English television host, born 1962 and Chris Evans, English radio and television host, born 1966.

The day, however, has to be dedicated to all the April Fool jokes made on the day! I love this April Fool Joke from 1857, advertising the annual ceremony of "Washing the Lions" at the Tower of London although one of the most famous in UK culture was the BBC television programme Panorama’s hoax in 1957, which showed people growing spaghetti from trees! Remember though to play no jokes after midday as anyone playing a joke after this time is called the "April Fool" themselves.

Wishing you an April Fool-free Lucky Day!