Wednesday, 20 January 2016

20 January

An epic day for the motion picture! It was on this day in 1929 when the first full-length talking motion picture filmed outdoors was released, In Old Arizona, later nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Following this, in 1946, the director David Lynch was born, critically acclaimed for his work on The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive.

But maybe the day should go to astronaut Buzz Aldrin who was born in 1930 on this day, maybe not for being the second person to walk on the moon (sorry Buzz!) but for being the inspiration behind one of the much loved characters in Toy Story. Yes, the day goes to you, Buzz Lightyear!

“To infinity, and beyond!”

Wishing you a lucky star filled day and remember to check our website to see if today is your lucky day!